The most rateable Lindsay Lohan movies

There is no denying that throughout her movie career Lindsay Lohan has put on a show in most films that she has been featured in, and her roles especially in some of the most loved chick flicks deserve praise and recognition. Although some films were considered ‘flops’, she has been known as the ultimate Y2K queen throughout the early 2000s and this is supported by the popularity of the timeless classics we are about to discuss. Let’s dive into some of the most iconic, and, more importantly, rateable Lindsay Lohan movies to date.

Mean Girls

Let’s begin with what we believe is Lohan’s most successful film to date, Mean Girls. Released in 2004, this iconic chick flick stars Lohan as school newcomer, Cady Heron, who, after moving to a typical American high school from Africa, struggles to fit in. She befriends Janis and Damian who are both outcasts, and learns of the popular and intimidating group, The Plastics. Cady befriends The Plastics to take them down but finds herself becoming friends with them which causes a lot of complications for her. Filled with uproars, drama, relationships, iconic characters, and many iconic quotes, Mean Girls will always be a film that we will never pass up on and Lohan’s role in this film will certainly go down in chick flick history!


Released in 2000, Life-Size is one of those nostalgic films that you may have watched as a kid on a large box screen TV. To have the nostalgia rush back, this film is a must-watch! Just ensure that this time around, you opt for a larger, HD TV for a more cinematic experience! Click here for TV wall mounting services. A young Lohan stars alongside Tyra Banks in this hit film as a tomboyish middle school student, Casey, who is struggling to cope with her mother’s death. In an attempt to resurrect her mother by accumulating a book intended to resurrect the dead, her plans take a turn when the magic takes place on a doll that is given to her by her dad’s love interest. To Casey’s disappointment, her doll, Eve (Banks), turns into a real woman. Annoying at first with an inability to adapt to reality, Eve and Casey end up becoming good friends as they teach each other lessons on their journey through life together. However, what happens when Eve decides that the real world isn’t for her anymore?

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

In 2004, we were blessed with not one but two hit Lindsay Lohan movies as she stepped in to play the role of Lola, an extravagant teen from New York City who is determined to become a Broadway actress. However, when her family moves to New Jersey this certainly throws a spanner in the works. When her dream of seeing her favourite band, Sidarthur, becomes a reality, it doesn’t quite go to plan. Especially when her lies become apparent to her new best friend Ella, she finds out her idol is an alcoholic and her arch-nemesis, Carla, humiliates her in front of the whole school. However, there is a happy ending eventually! Did you know the role of Lola was originally offered to Hillary Duff? We don’t doubt that she would play the role equally as well as Lohan, but we give her performance a 10/10!

The Parent Trap

As we all know, Lohan was a child actor, and being in the limelight from so early on threw her into a few problems down the line which resulted in her taking a break from acting. To witness Lohan in her film debut in 1998, be sure to check out the family film, The Parent Trap. In this Disney hit, Lohan plays not one but two roles as she fills the characters of Hallie and Annie, two girls who meet at a summer camp and eventually realise that they were twins who were separated at birth. In a mission to reconcile their parents, they train one another and switch places to meet the parent who they have never met, with Annie venturing to California to meet her father and Hallie making her way to London to meet her mother. Recipe for disaster? Perhaps! But it certainly works. Check out this fun film today, you will realise how this film boosted Lohan’s journey to stardom.

Herbie: Fully Loaded

Lohan and the recognisable 53-plastered Volkswagen Beetle star in Herbie: Fully Loaded as a racing duo with an undeniable bond. Lohan’s character, Maggie, is taken to a junkyard by her father to pick out her first car when she comes across a beaten up Beetle, Herbie who she chooses over the others to take home. This legendary car, however, has a mind of its own and certainly takes Maggie on an incredible racing journey as she competes against rivals keeping Herbie at the top. If you love cars and racing, this movie is a thrill and is surprisingly one of the most rated Lindsay Lohan movies. Who knew she could excel in even sports films!?

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