Best Book on Real Estate Investing

Real estate can generate a good amount of money if you know how to run the business properly. Now, investing in this sector is easy, but knowing where to invest and make a good strategy is hard. So, what to do? The answer is simple; just follow what pros and experts have done by following their books.

Top 5 Books on Real Estate Investing

You can consider these books that will help you a lot in real estate investing:

1. The Book on Rental Property Investing

The book is written by Brandon Turner, who is a famous real estate entrepreneur and also the vice president of a well-known real estate investing website “” He wrote the book with his true experience, and you can rely on this book that is because it has everything that will explain how you can succeed with rental investments as a means of generating good cash flow.

2. The Book on Flipping Houses

The author of this book is J Scott. He is an expert real estate house flipper. He has good experience in flipping properties. Now, he is sharing his experience and knowledge with the world in his book. It is a must-read book for those real estate businessmen who are interested in flipping properties.

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3. The Intelligent REIT Investor

The book is based on all the advanced and useful theories related to REIT. The author has easily described all the strategies that you will need to get success in REIT. Now, REIT can appeal to real estate investors who want more of a hands-off approach to investing in property. However, for those who don’t know, a REIT is a company that owners property investments. If you are a REIT investor, you will get the benefit of dividend income that will be generated by those properties without any issue.

4. Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate

It is written by Doug Marshall. It is a perfect book for those people who like to work with commercial real estate property. Now, I must tell you that commercial real estate is totally a different animal compared to residential property. Instead of investing in a single-family home, you can invest your money in office space, warehouses, data centers, distribution centers, public storage, multi-family apartment buildings, and retail units so that you can make much profit.

4. The Turnkey Revolution

The author of this book is Christopher Clothier. The book contains all about Turnkey rental properties that offer a different take on rental property investing. With the turnkey property, all the hard work is done for you. Now, most of the properties have already been renovated or rehabbed, and the tenant is in place. All you have to do is to buy a property, and you can “turn the key” on a rental income.

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These are the best books on the real estate investing topic. All of them have been written by expert-level real estate investors who have good experience in that field. So, you can trust their concepts and strategies.

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