Best Funny Prank Sites to Fool Your Friends this April

Watching classic movies such as Denise the Menace or Home Alone makes old times fresh when pranks were fun and childish. However, such pranks are still present today but somehow they have lost their charm. Maybe that’s because we have grown up. Whatever the reason is, why not check some of the following prank sites that give a digital twist to practical jokes! Read on to find out.

Best Funny Prank Sites to Fool Your Friends this April

Funny Prank Site #1 – Peter Answers

One website that still holds the ability to prank your friends is ‘Peter Answers’. Peter is a fortune teller and instead of telling customers about their future from behind a crystal ball or reading from tea leaves, he does this, the digital way. Although it is less of a prank and may actually creep out people who don’t know about the website, this is a great find especially if you are looking for a touch of circus kind of scare. However, there is nothing magical about Peter’s mind-reading capabilities. Users simply enter relevant information to questions asked on the website. As a result, Peter usually gives back accurate answers, which can be creepy, if you are not aware of the con beforehand. To prank your friends, simply answer all the questions asked beforehand and reveal only the answers to them. The accuracy of the answers is bound to be a source of surprise and great fun. And may even spook them in the process!

Funny Prank Site #2 – Hacker Typer

Have you ever been impressed with the way hackers in movies perform keyboard tricks? If so, then you have probably tried to emulate their typing action once in your life. In that case, you will definitely enjoy this website, Hacker Typer, which will show you the crazy streams of code that are complete gibberish and nothing like the time-consuming and elaborate hack in real life. Nonetheless, this is a great prank to pull on your friends and tell them about your new hacking ability. Simply open the website in front of them and type in non-sense, which will show up in great quantity on the screen. Only a real hacker will be able to differentiate that the code you typed on the screen is a prank. If your friends and family are only aware of hack code streams from the movies, they will be super impressed with your new superpower or worry about the ethical nature of this new skill. Nothing can beat this prank! This awesome website also pops up ‘access denied’ dialog boxes in front of your target and will confirm that you pulled the prank really well while ensuring that your audience is fooled completely! Just make sure that your current internet service is as fast and reliable as one of the CenturyLink Internet Plans.

Funny Prank Site #3 – FartScrollJS

Fart jokes normally belong under the category of brother’s jest. If your sibling like any other enjoys fart jokes, then he might pleasantly be surprised by this website. These are not just for pulling pranks but are a mood lifter as well. Especially if a tragedy has taken place in the family or if you had a brawl with your sibling. These will give anybody a good laugh and lighten up the atmosphere if it’s been heavy with tension. The best part is that the site gives users code snippets that simply need to be copy-pasted into the target website. So when anyone scrolls the page or comes on that site, it will start playing fart sounds, which are going to get many mischievous looks and bring on fresh giggles! Users who may not own their website will find browser plug-ins to prank their friends. All they have to do is install these plug-ins on those websites that their friend commonly uses and enjoy some laughs at their friend’s expense! Sadly, the Google Chrome Extension is no longer present but there are plenty of alternatives still available online.

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Funny Prank Site #4 – Update Faker

One of the most annoying things is when unnecessary dialog boxes pop up on the screen, especially when you are in the middle of an important task. However, you can put these pop-ups to good use. If you are feeling as mischievous as Peeves from the Harry Potter series, you will enjoy this site. The website Update Faker can be used for bringing up fake updates on your target’s PC. Although the pop-ups may resemble actual system update dialog boxes, don’t try this prank when someone’s indulged in a strenuous task! Prank your siblings or your friends when they are not doing anything serious on their PC and wouldn’t mind waiting for a couple of minutes before realizing that they have been pranked! On a side note, this prank can totally fall flat if your connection is glitchy and giving you trouble. If the usual techniques don’t work, we recommend that you get help from Xfinity Customer Service Number to get proactive support instantly!

Funny Prank Site #5 – Go Old School with WikiHow

Are the above-mentioned websites no fun? Are you in search of something old school to play with your friends and family? If so, then WikiHow is a great resource. Not only is this website filled with some troll ideas to prank your friends and family, but it also offers a set of instructions for users to follow. Just make sure that you are not having a bad internet day. If so, simply call the local internet provider and get yourself out of a bad internet day!

Wrapping Up

While these are some of the best funny prank websites to fool your friends this April, these are great for starters. However, one thing to note, pranks don’t have to be life-threatening. They can be light and be a source of fresh laughs for everyone. it is important to know that one should always pull a prank on someone with whom they share their sense of humor. If your humor does not correspond with the humor of the other person, then they will not understand your joke or the prank and the result will end up creating a hostile atmosphere for all, instead of lightening it up. That’s why it’s more fun pranking people, who can see the joke and enjoy it too, without getting offended!

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