Latest Yocan evolve plus XL vaporizer Description

With the technology advancement, vaping products or tools are getting popular day by day. Also, the number of their users is increasing. So, Yocan evolve plus XL vaporizer is one the best vaping product that is available all over the market.

Thus, the manufacturers made the product according to the user’s need and want. Because, it is very important to know the customer’s demand or want so, that you will make your purchase simple and easy.

So, over the years Yocan released its products one after another. They always released their new product with amazing advancement. Thus, this is the new and most advanced technology-based Yocan model that is very simple and easy to use. The preceding models of Yocan are the evolve and the evolve plus vaporizer and now it is the XL plus version.

What comes in the Box of XL vaporizer?

Thus, the plus XL vaporizer comes with the tools or parts that help you in vaping. These all parts have their function and are very easy to use and maintain. So, the box of plus XL vaporizer contains.

  •         A vape pen of plus xl vaporizer
  •         A charging lead or cable USB
  •         A dabbing tool for wax concentrates
  •         A vape coil replacement.

Advance features of plus XL vaporizer

So, here are the advancements and major functionalities of the plus XL vaporizer. Thus, by making a comparison there are minor differences between the, evolve and the plus XL vaporizers versions. There is a little bit more advancement in the newer version of Yocan.

Thus, with the point of view of battery capacity. This plus XL vaporizer house a battery capacity of 1400 mash, the evolve plus vaporizer needs to house a battery capacity of 1100mAh. So the last one is the original evolve version needs to house a battery capacity of just 650mAh.

Thus, the next thing is their dab containers. So, the original evolve does not contain any container, the evolve plus contains a container of a single chamber. The latest plus XL vaporizer contains a dual-chambered silicone dab container.

Coils configuration

So, every version of Yocan uses different types of coils that are fitted in it. Thus, their previous versions the evolve plus and the original evolve use the common and simple system of dual quartz coils.

Thus, their latest Yocan evolve plus XL vaporizer uses the coils system of new and functional quartz coil. These coils are much better than the coils that are used in the evolve and evolve plus. In the appearance or looking the evolve and evolve plus is a little bit thinner and are longer than the latest and advanced plus XL vaporizer.

The manufacturing quality of the XL vaporizer

Yocan never disappoints its customers and is always appreciated by its users. So, the Yocan always releases the products of the best quality material, which is trustable by everyone. They manufacture their product by the expert team and experienced persons are involved in it.

Their products are manufactured with great care So, that’s why they will last longer and are reliable and durable as compared to the many other products in the market. Also, from the point of view of prices, their products are budget-friendly with the best quality and design.

So, for maintaining cleanliness the plus XL vaporizer comes with the amazing coil cap that also stops the leakage problem of your vaporizer. Also, for the smooth vapors and enjoyable temperature, the plus XL vaporizer specifies the cooling chambers in it.

Preparing the plus XL vaporizer

  1. So, the first thing before using the plus XL vaporizer is to fully charge the vaporizer. Also, only use the charging cable that comes with the box of vaporizer for best results. Don’t leave the vaporizer on charging for a long time it will affect the battery health of the vaporizer. 
  2. For power on or turning on the Yocan evolve plus XL vaporizer quickly presses the power button of the vaporizer for 5 times.
  3. So, the next step is to remove the cover of the vaporizer, and then by using the dab tool place the concentrates of your desired amount near the coils and then replace the cover of the vaporizer.
  4. Thus, your vape is now ready to use and enjoy. Hold the power for enjoying and creating the vapors of concentrates. Inhale the vapors with long smooth breathes and you can also maintain the airflow of the valve if you want.
  5. At the end when your vaping is finished turn off the vaporizer by pressing the power button again five times. Always keep in mind to keep the vaporizer up and straight after using it to avoid leakage problems.

How to clean and maintain the vaporizer?

So, it is not too difficult to clean and maintain this vaporizer. You can increase the life span of your vaporizer with proper care and maintenance. So, the only thing that you can do for its care, is to clean it on the daily basis after using it.

Thus, you can wipe down the Yocan evolve plus XL vaporizer by using a dry towel or some alcoholic wipes. Also, you can rinse off all the components of the vaporizer with warm water easily. Always make sure that there’s no alcohol left behind after the cleanliness of the vaporizer.

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