Revealing how to play seahorse chess and basic rules for new players

Seahorse chess is an entertaining game that is certainly no longer unfamiliar to many people, especially popular young people in our country. However, there are still some new players who still do not understand the rules and regulations How to play seahorse chess. The following article by Trang chủ New88 We will reveal information about how to play this interesting board game.

Where does seahorse chess as a game originate from?

Seahorse chess is one of the popular entertainment games among young people in Vietnam today. This game is also known as horse racing chess, an extremely interesting and unique name. The origin of this chess game comes from India with the name Pachisi.

Later, the game was introduced into the American game market with another name, Parcheesi. In Vietnam, this form of entertainment is growing strongly and attracting many players to participate in the experience.

Seahorse chess set and how to set up the game

Before learning about How to play seahorse chess To make it easier, you need to understand the basic chess set and the steps to set up the game. Specifically:

  • The basic seahorse chess set includes 2 dice, each of which will have black dots with different values ​​on each side. There is also a square-shaped chess board drawn with a pre-set layout and 16 different pieces. There will be 4 chess pieces with four different colors: green, blue, red and yellow.
  • How to set up the seahorse board game: Players will prepare items to roll the dice in necessary cases such as plastic cups or cups. Then spread the chessboard and divide the 16 pieces into different colors. Each participant will choose one of 4 colors and receive a flag according to the chosen color.

What are the basic rules of seahorse chess?

First of all, you need to clearly understand the rules of rolling the dice, which member’s turn will be rolled. The rules will depend on the participant to give the right to roll the dice first. Usually, it will be decided in the form of playing rock, paper, scissors or rolling dice to see who has the highest result.

  • The next step will be the playing process, the right will give each chess piece for players to participate in moving on the seahorse chess board. To win this right, you need to rely on the results after rolling the dice when rolling results like 1-1, 1-6, 2-2, 4-4, 3-3, 6-6, 5 -5 will give you the right to start.
  • According to the law in How to play seahorse chess when on the table there is a player’s chess piece participating in the move. At this point, you can base on the results of the dice rolling process to move it. The result is the number of steps you will move the pieces.

Screenshot 1 3

  • In case the player’s chess piece moves around the total board, it is said to have reached the barn door. However, you should not be subjective because you can still be kicked out of the cage by your opponent. Only when the chess piece is placed in the cage can it avoid being kicked.
  • The ultimate goal of How to play seahorse chess it is the participant who will give the total chief The 4 pieces return to their cage door in order from 6 – 5 – 4 – 3. The winning or losing results will be decided by the player who returns first.

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Instructions on how to play seahorse chess, easy to understand for new players

Once you understand the basic rules of this board game, the gameplay will become extremely simple. The following  link to New92 will share How to play seahorse chess Most detailed and easy to understand for beginners.

In case of obstruction

During the move, there will be cases where the player encounters another chess piece in front of him. Meanwhile, the distance between your pieces and the blocked piece is smaller than the result of rolling the dice. At this point, you will choose one of two options: stop or choose another piece to move.

Stone case

If the distance between your piece and an opponent’s piece is exactly equal to the result when rolling the dice. At this time, you can kick your opponent’s pieces back to the cage to move your pieces. And similarly, the player’s chess piece will also be kicked when faced with such a situation.

A close case in seahorse betting

This is the term used when in a chess game there is a situation where one brother’s pieces are standing close to the opponent’s pieces. This is a fairly common phrase How to play seahorse chess of many regions of our country.

To the barn door

If your piece has moved a full circle, it will now stand right at the barn door. At this time, players need to quickly enter the cage to avoid being kicked out of the cage by their opponents.


Thus, in the above content we have revealed the details How to play seahorse chess for you newbies. Hopefully this article will help players better understand the rules of this interesting board game.

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