Southern Tien Len Card Game  – Bonus card game to make money online

Post Move to the South This card game is quite popular. It is not only played during the holidays but many people still use it for entertainment with friends. Currently, New888 provides many entertainment gaming services with Southern Tien Len Card Game , and you can also play games to exchange attractive prizes.

Southern card game Tien Len

Southern card game, a very familiar game to Vietnamese people. Although it is a Southern game, it is popular with all regions.

Normally, there are few opportunities to get together with friends to play cards for entertainment. But now there is a newer way to play. Combined with modern elements and developed technology, that is Southern Tien Len Card Game .

An online game, the gameplay is still the same as traditional gaming rules. But with online games, there are some changes to suit when playing.

Currently, there are many online game portals that offer these types of card games. New88 is one of the reputable game portals, customers can easily log in and experience it for themselves.

Rules for playing the card game Tien Len Mien Nam at New88

 Southern Tien Len Card Game  which is a game similar to Western cards consisting of 52 cards. When participating in the game, there can be a maximum of 4 people and at least 2 people must be able to play.

When playing, the number of cards will be divided into 13 cards for each player. Each card is played in turn, each card has a greater value than the previous card. At the end, whoever finishes their cards first will come first, the next person will come second and third, last.

And depending on the rules of the game, there may be a penalty for the loser or a fine. When playing cards, players need to think and calculate so that they can quickly adapt to the situation when playing cards.

And when playing cards, in the first game, whoever has 3 spades will go first. Next is the person next to you in a counterclockwise direction. In the next games, whoever finishes first plays first and still follows the counter-clockwise rule. But there are also other cases that happen.

Go white

When you play, you will encounter special winning patterns, also known as white winning. That is the case when you encounter a special set of cards.

It can be a four of a kind, or a long straight from 3 to ace, or have 6 pairs. And the loser who has a pig will be considered a rotten pig and will be fined for the loser.

And there are cases where it only applies to the starting game such as: four of a kind, 3 pairs of pines with 3 spades. When you come to white, you will win the most money and double your bet.


A player who is frozen means that he or she has never played a single card and the game has ended. At this time, this person will be penalized for losing and will check the cards, count the pigs and rows remaining on the cards and receive an additional penalty. When moving to a new board, the person with frostbite can go first.

And when frozen, the remaining players can still play to compete for second and third place. If there is a case where 3 people are frozen, there will be other cases where the player also has to pay cards. When paying cards, in the next game, the person who returned cards can go first.


In the case of cutting here, it means cutting pigs with different combinations of cards.

3 pairs of pine trees chop 1 pig, chop 3 pairs of smaller pine trees

Four quarters cut a pair of pigs, cut any 3 pairs of pine trees or smaller four quarters.

4 pairs of pines chop 1 pig, double pigs, 3 pairs of pines, four quarters and 4 pairs of smaller pines.

If there is a case of overlapping cutting, at the end of the game all penalties will be calculated on the person who was cut last and the cutting must be in the right round and turn. According to the round, that means the person who skipped their turn when cutting is not allowed to continue playing cards in the next round.


Turn is the situation that occurs when the game ends and there are no more turns. Rotten is when you are the last person but have two left or have a straight and will be penalized.

The person who receives the wrong bet is the person who comes in third (but if someone comes white, there will be separate rules), and the remaining 3 pairs of cards or four of a kind are still allowed to play cards to cut.

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Things to pay attention to when playing the southern card game Tien Len

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When playing Online card game Then you need to pay attention to many things, not only learning carefully about the rules of the game but also paying attention to practicing regularly.

Only with regular practice will the thinking speed become habitual and decisions will be made faster and more firmly. The winning rate can also change and stabilize, you can have more experience when playing.

A common way to play card games move to the SouthThat is to keep the high card for the final step. To ensure that later, you can have a way to kill cards quickly and move forward.

But there are also some cases where you still have to make a different decision depending on the situation of the game. That is why when playing, it is necessary to use accurate thinking and judgment.

It is necessary to observe carefully to be able to make judgments about the cards that have been played and the remaining cards of the opponent to choose the correct card.

At the same time, it also depends on the situation of your cards, whether it’s a pair or a straight, so you can have a suitable plan for playing cards. Some people will play high cards first and come first with pairs or straights.

Online game portal New88 –  Southern Tien Len Card Game 

 New88 is a game portal reputable bookmaker online provides many different forms of entertainment for customers. Just create an account and log in, players can experience the entertainment atmosphere here for themselves.

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With a neatly designed interface, logged in players can quickly search for card games. All operations are performed quickly and easily.

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This online game portal is one of the reputable online game portals, not only Forward card game but also many other games. Furthermore, the website is completely safe with no cases of online fraud occurring.

We also provide additional software on the phone. Can conveniently play games without a computer.

Furthermore, if the connection is lost when playing, the player will be pushed out of the table if they cannot enter the game before it ends.

When players win, they can win coins and have continuously updated rankings. Players can find online players and play at any time. You don’t have to wait for a lot of friends to play.

Hopefully with the above information, you can grasp the information Southern Tien Len Card Game .  New88 We are a reputable online game portal provider, with a variety of games with many promotional activities. Customers can experience the above for themselves New88.

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