How To Buy Vietlott Via SMS Super Simple Everyone Should Know

Finding a way to buy Vietlott via SMS is something a lot of new players want to know. The opportunity to “make money is not difficult” with just a few simple steps from the BK8 bookie will help you change your life in a minute. Follow the article below to fully understand this quick and convenient form of buying lottery tickets!

1.About Vietlott SMS

If you are a fan of red and black betting games like lottery, you definitely cannot ignore Vietlott. This is one of the types of lottery that is easy to play, the chances of winning are many times greater than the capital spent.

In addition to traditional forms of buying numbers at direct ticketing points, buying via apps and websites, buying Vietlott via SMS is a new and convenient form of lottery purchase that you should know.

This form of buying lottery tickets is by Vietlott company itself in conjunction with the 3 most popular network operators in our country including Viettel, Mobifone and Vinaphone. Instead of wondering how to buy lottery tickets, choosing to buy lottery tickets through SMS messages to 9969 will help you feel secure to hunt for big prizes.

2.Something to know before buying Vietlott via SMS

According to a survey by BK8 casino, Vietlott lottery company is currently implementing the form of buying lottery tickets by SMS directly for 2 main product lines, Mega 6/45 and Power 6/55.

2.1 Basic conditions of how to buy Vietlott via SMS

First, you need to download the Vietlott SMS application to your personal device, register for an account with the official phone number you are using. Then, compose a message according to the syntax and send it to the company’s official ticketing switchboard number 9969. You can rest assured that this will be a free, extremely secure and safe message.

2.2 Basic steps when creating Vietlott SMS account

First of all, you need to download the application to your phone in accordance with the operating system of the device (Android or IOS).

After downloading the application successfully, select “Personal” => “Register for an account” and fill in the necessary personal information as required by the system. In it, the information includes phone number, verify registered phone number, enter the correct OTP code.

Click “Agree” and authenticate the account with the owner’s identity document, which is passport/citizen identification/ID card by taking two-sided photos.

Continue to fill in other information according to the instructions of the system to be guaranteed benefits later. After completing all the required information, you just need to select “Read and agree” => “Register” so that the switchboard will send to the phone number containing the password and login name.

If you want to use the way to buy Vietlott via SMS, you need to activate your account by logging in and changing your password. You can save it so that the next time you log in, the system allows you to log in automatically.

3.Full share on how to buy Vietlott via SMS

Participants can use the form of buying Vietlott lottery tickets via SMS for Mega 6/45 and Power 6/55 lottery tickets with a maximum limit of 50K/product/day.

If you already have a set of numbers that you want to participate in, simply do it by writing a message with the following detailed syntax:

“VTP MS K1 S M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6” to 9969


MS is the ticket type code you choose (Power 6/55: has an MS code of 655 and Mega 6/45, has an MS code of 645).

K1, S: This is the SMS ticket that Vietlott supports.

M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6: are understood as the sets of winning numbers selected by the player.

After successful ticket purchase, you need to access Vietlott SMS application to pay and receive a valid payment message to be sure to complete the ticket purchase process.

Xổ số BK8

4. Question about how to buy Vietlott via SMS Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone

Screenshot 1

Surely those of you who are using digital sims of 3 major carriers today, including Viettel, Mobifone, and Vinaphone, can’t help but worry when buying Vietlott SMS lottery tickets. Therefore, the following BK8 lottery will help you answer all questions related to specific forms of buying lottery tickets via SMS:

What are the details of how to buy Vietlott via SMS Viettel?

In fact, the way to buy lottery tickets via sim card of Viettel network operator is not different from the general syntax we have shared. So, you guys just need to apply the correct syntax to be able to win prizes and wait for today’s lottery results to see if you are lucky to “win the lottery”!

4.1 Is it difficult to buy Vietlott via SMS Mobifone?

Absolutely not, you can order a super simple Vietlott lottery ticket in just a minute. If you are still worried about using this form of winning, you can register for BK8 right away to easily hunt for unlimited rewards with the best BK8 promotion codes.

4.2 Should I apply the way to buy Vietlott via SMS Vinaphone?

Vinaphone is also currently one of the major network operators used by many brothers. You can completely use the way to buy Vietlott via SMS of the operator and make super fast profits.


Above is information on how to buy Vietlott via SMS that any BK8 enthusiast should know. The opportunity to see lottery results to track, predict and hunt for great prizes every day. Please try to use the method of buying lottery tickets shared to see if kqxs will bring you luck!

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