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HI88 crab gourd is one of the reward games that is always loved by many green brothers. With a super simple way to bet with the same value bonus is extremely attractive. So through the following article, let’s learn more about this popular game!

What is HI88 Crab Gourd?

Gourd crab is also known as one of the extremely popular folk games in our country. Previously, this game only appeared on holidays or crowded places. However, with its own charm, the crab election has quickly developed into an extremely hot online game at Nhà cái Hi88.

When joining election of HI88 You just need to predict what exactly the animal that appears in the catch after shaking is. If the guess is correct, then the house will have to pay the bettor an amount equivalent to the bonus x the amount previously bet.

What’s interesting about participating in crab voting at HI88?

Currently the number of players participating in betting election of HI88 increasing dramatically. As a result, many newcomers to the game find it extremely difficult to understand for the first time. So we have quickly summarized some outstanding advantages of the game for new players to refer to.

Eye-catching vivid graphics

The game is designed in the style of 3D graphics combined with extremely eye-catching colors. In particular, most of the colors in the game have been separated from harmful blue light. So you can safely participate and experience for many hours without fear of affecting your vision.

Fast processing speed

During the game election of HI88, gamers will not have to wait for the system to process as long as some other green addresses. Currently, the house’s game system has been fully optimized. So all operations in the game take place extremely smoothly.

Always be safe

Come to the game of crabs at the house HI88 Bettors can freely enjoy entertainment without worrying about security issues. Because the entire home website system is designed in a multi-layered protection structure. At the same time, NPH also equipped with many encryption membranes with extremely good safety protection.

Detailed instructions on how to play the game of crabs at HI88

HI88 Crab Vote Daily Entertainment Win Big Rewards1

HI88 crab gourd It is highly appreciated by experts for its simplicity and entertainment. But until now, there are still some brothers who still do not know how to play the game. So thatright In the next part of this article, we will update bettors the rules of the game as well as how to play through the following content.

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How are the rules of the game of crabs at Hi88?

In general, the rules of the game election of HI88 There is not too much difference compared to the traditional way of playing so far. Here are the rules of the game that you need to master.

  • In the game, each dice will have a total of 6 faces and each face is a specific animal image.
  • The number of members participating in the game is unlimited and you can bet on many different doors at the same time.
  • After a certain number of participants have participated, the system begins to shake many times so that the dice are shuffled evenly. Next, bettors need to place a table bet election of HI88 appears on the screen. Players will predict the animals that appear on the heads of 3 dice.
  • When the prediction is correct, the system will automatically add money directly to the player’s account at the house.

Instructions on how to participate in the election of crabs at the HI88 bookie

HI88 Crab Vote Daily Entertainment Win Big Rewards2

If you have understood the rules of the game election of HI88 but don’t know how to join. Then invite gamers to follow and follow the instructions below.

  • Step 1: Bettors need to access the exact link to the HI88 house.
  • Step 2: At the home page interface of the web, you click the register button in the upper corner of the screen and fill in the required information from the system. After filling in the bets, the player presses the register button to complete creating an account to participate in betting.
  • Step 3: At this point, gamers log in to their account and top up their personal account. Once loaded successfully, bettors can access the casino to find and choose the game of crabs.

The information above of the article has been shared with players about the game election of HI88 cult. As well as the rules of the game and how to participate. Hopefully, this article will help you better understand the game as well as find the opportunity to change your life quickly.

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