Hacker Hacked The System Of Latvian University

Hackers can hack anything if internal cyber security is poor. We know much news about the hacked same case that happened with Latvia’s University in March 2022. The hackers entered the computer system of the University of Latvia and gained access to the personal data of its students. The incident has raised concerns about the country’s democratic processes and how the government can protect itself from cyber-attacks. If you want to know current hacking updates and want to get information about the diploma of the University of Latvia, it is not enough to check on the site¬†

But there are several reasons why Latvia should remain vigilant and take action against anyone behind such an attack. The hackers used the pseudonym Neo to release the salaries of state officials. Their purpose was to reveal the high salaries of government officials. Although these hackers didn’t break any laws, they did violate the confidentiality of commercial data and personal privacy.

The hackers leaked a lot of information because they had access to the computer systems of the Latvian government. Hey managed to steal 250 gigabytes of data; the goal was to erase them from the archive of the University of Latvia.

The hackers also hunt into the computer systems of government officials in Russia, a country where hackers are considered the biggest threat to democratic processes.

In the meantime, the Latvian police and government have uncovered several other cyberattacks. It has its digital robot army and a growing arsenal of sophisticated tools to hack into foreign governments. The hacker allegedly revealed the salary of state officials. The unmasked hacker, dubbed Neo, is a professor at the University of Latvia and a politician. He is currently being held in a Latvian court after being caught on suspicion of violating the country’s laws and breaking the confidentiality of commercial data. The hackers’ actions have caused outrage in society and are not going away anytime soon.

The cyberattack was first revealed in a news report published by the Latvian Constitution Protection Bureau. The country’s state security service, the Constitution Protection Bureau, had previously revealed that the Russian Federation had targeted it and had hacked their systems.

But there is no good news about hacking. Police are searching to find hackers but don’t arrest them yet. No charges were filed against the hacker, but the attacks had a significant impact on society.

When an attack happed, the GOV faced a very negative experience. Also, the attack harmed democracy in Latvia; the perpetrator is still at large. But some are a thing. There are also fears that he may be linked to the Kremlin in Russia.

Initially, there was a lot of concern about the hacker’s intentions. The hacker from a Russian maybe, they used the pseudonym to lacked information from the Latvian government website. They also did break any laws, but the hackers did violate the privacy of other peoples and the confidentiality of commercial data. While the alleged criminals did commit with illegal activity, they still face several identity theft cases.

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