The Science of Swine Lighting

It’s a big responsibility to successfully raise swine. Between keeping the animals healthy and virus free, while providing excellent pig care, it can be difficult to obtain optimal results turn after turn. At Hontech Wins, we provide swine lighting to deal with the challenges and are here to help.

Why swine lighting is necessary?

Good evidence exists that pigs’ eyes are not well adapted for extremely bright light, which is why the ability to control light through dimming is necessary. Using the right amount of lighting can positively influence the performance of farrowing houses, and nurseries, the development of growers or finishers, and maturing of gilts.

Benefits of Using Swine Lighting on Your Farm

-It Increases Production: One of the biggest benefits of using agricultural lighting on your pig farm is that it will increase your production. This is because light stimulates the pig’s natural feeding instincts, which in turn leads to them eating more food and becoming bigger and stronger. In addition, by providing adequate light during the night, you can also help to prevent diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease.

-It Reduces Health Risks: Another major benefit of using agricultural lighting on your pig farm is that it will reduce the risk of health hazards. For example, by providing sufficient light during daylight hours, you can help to prevent blindness in pigs and other animals that are housed near them. In addition, by illuminating dark areas at night, you can reduce the risk of predation on livestock.


Agricultural lighting can play a big role in improving the efficiency of pig farms. By using light that is specifically designed for agriculture, you can ensure that your pigs are getting the most out of every light source. If you’re looking to make your pig farm more sustainable and efficient, consider investing in light from Hontech Wins.

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