The Role Of Bird Diverters In Reducing Bird Mortality

The wires and cables designed at high altitudes only considered the safety of human beings at that time but ignored the safety of birds flying in the air. This neglect caused many birds to lose their lives. But a simple bird diverter can solve this problem, what exactly does it do?

What is a bird flight diverter?

Through special materials, the bird diverter can see the obstacles ahead for the birds, thereby changing the flight path of the birds and avoiding collision with the wires. This not only reduces damage to birds but also reduces the probability of damage to the wires.

Bird diverters are divided into many types and categories. They are classified according to the type of material used, design, and application, such as yellow spirals, orange spirals, and baffles.

The reasons why we need it

Billions of birds die every year as a result of hitting power lines. Also doing damage to these wires, so we had to use a bird diverter to change that. And this will also bring many benefits, such as reducing sudden power outages caused by bird collisions and reducing the number of birds killed by collision power lines.


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