4-player chess game – Simple and detailed game instructions

Referring to chess, surely this game is not too strange to all of us. But talking about the 4-player chess game, this must be a rather strange game, this is a fairly new game. To be able to understand how to play and the rules of this game, please find out through our article below.

Introduction to 4-player chess game

This is a type of game with the participation of 4 players in a square board of size 8×8. Each player will have 16 identical pieces similar to the traditional chess game

Each player will be arranged at a corner of the chessboard, the pieces will be divided into 4 separate colors such as: black, blue, white and yellow. The gameplay and movements of this 4-player chess game are similar to playing traditional chess

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This chess game originated in India then developed and handed down to this day

This game will be divided into 2 specific rules: individual game rules and group game rules. If you have completely grasped the gameplay and movements of the chess game, you can completely apply it to play the 4-player chess game.

Learn the rules of the 4-player chess game

4-player chess game has the same gameplay as traditional chess, but the rules are completely different. Please follow the following article to understand the rules of the 4-player chess game

League game rules

According to this game rule, 2 opposite houses will ally with each other to form a team to compete with the remaining 2 alliance houses. With this game rule, the two allies will make calculations to be able to squeeze to eat all the opponent’s pieces, the two allies will not be able to eat each other’s chess. Players will win when they get 2 kings of the opposing team. While the game is in progress, if a player loses a champion, all the remaining pieces will be removed from the board.

  • How to determine victory or defeat in a 4-player chess game
  • The team wins when both players check the opponent’s champ
  • The game will be tied when there is only 1 person checking the checkers


Rules of free play

According to the rules of the game, each person on a 4-player chessboard will have to play against the remaining 3 houses by himself. With this rule of the game, the scoring method will be used to decide which player wins, so even if the player loses the king, that player’s pieces are still left on the chessboard or removed from the table. chess at the discretion of the remaining players

The pieces in 4-player chess will be scored as follows

  • Good: 1 point
  • Code: 3 points
  • Statues and Vehicles: 5 points
  • After: 9 points
  • King: 20 points. Whoever can match the opponent’s King first will get +20 points
  • Player gets all 20 points
  • Pawns will be crowned Queen when they reach the center of the chessboard
  • The Queen’s Pawn is counted as 1 point
  • Double projection gets +5 points, 3 projection gets +15 points

At the end of the game, whoever has the most points will be the winner. However, if you have the most points but lose the King, you are still the loser

The easiest way to play 4-player chess

To play the fastest and simplest 4-player chess game, you can download the chess game to your computer, follow the steps as follows:

To be able to play 4-player chess in the easiest and fastest way, players just need to download the game application to their phones and follow the instructions to be able to join the game.

  • Step 1: Access the website
  • Step 2: Select “Play” on the left hand side of the screen
  • Step 3: Click “Four Player” to play 4-player mode
  • Step 4: The tutorial will appear, you can read or press skip
  • Step 5: Click “I Understand” to start playing. You will be paired with other players at random

Share your 4 player chess experience

Some useful 4-player chess experiences that we would like to introduce to you are:

To be able to play the 4-player chess game with the highest winning rate, you need a lot of experience in this game. If you have no experience in this game, you can refer to some of the experiences we share below

  • Do not open the game too loosely. Please play slowly to observe the remaining 3 opponents
  • The power will be concentrated on 2 long-range attack pieces, the Statue and the Queen, so you need to pay attention to these pieces
  • Playing 4-player chess each move you have only 60 seconds to think and move pieces. Therefore you need to calculate the move quickly and reasonably

Above is an article to share about useful information about the 4-player chess game that we want to send to all players who love this game. Hopefully, our useful information will be more or less helpful to players while playing this game.

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