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Where to start renovation in the kitchen

Renovation of the apartment, especially the kitchen, is the beginning of a new stage and the creation of an updated interior. For many, the kitchen is associated with an atmosphere of coziness and the pleasant smell of home-cooked food. Having decided to transform this room, you should make sure that aesthetics and functionality are harmoniously combined. Renovation is associated by many with radical changes and causes a feeling of fear and doubt, about whether it will be possible to do what is planned. Not all ideas and plans can be fully realized, as the parameters of the room and planning features dictate their conditions. However, with a competent approach and a thought-out strategic plan, you can achieve a great result.

Features of repair

Repairs are often associated with many inconveniences, dirt and dust, financial costs and long work. To achieve a high-quality result, you will have to delve into all the intricacies of the repair process and create a detailed project plan. After all, you can create an original interior and implement any idea, transforming the kitchen beyond recognition. The room can be combined with an office, living room or loggia, while dividing the space into different zones. Before starting the kitchen remodeling in sacramento, it is worth considering some features of the kitchen:

  1. There is always a high level of humidity, steam and vapors here. Also, this room simply needs regular wet cleaning.
  2. Before deciding where to start the renovation in the kitchen, you should take into account the fact that there will be frequent temperature changes in the room. For example, a heat source can be a stove capable of producing more than 10 kW of power.
  3. During cooking, harmful volatile substances from food can evaporate, as well as fat and soot can form on surfaces. This should be taken into account when choosing building materials for wall and ceiling decoration. For example, it is better to buy washable wallpaper so that wet cleaning does not damage the coating.
  4. Furniture should also be carefully thought out, and all surfaces should be protected from dirt and grease.

Location of electrical appliances and kitchen appliances

  • The kitchen is one of the most visited places in the apartment, household appliances and surfaces are often used.
  • It is worth monitoring the hygiene in this room, removing dirt and soot from hard-to-reach places, carrying out regular wet cleaning in order not to create a favorable environment for mold, fungi and the reproduction of other harmful microorganisms.
  • The presence of a large number of broken objects, special equipment and other paraphernalia in the kitchen.
  • Special attention should be paid to the ventilation system.


To have an idea of ​​how the kitchen will look in the end, it is worth taking the time to create drawn drawings. Here you can visually depict the placement of furniture and household appliances in the apartment, put the exact dimensions of all objects and decorative elements.

Why make a detailed plan:

  1. Even if you are not planning a capital repair, but want a cosmetic repair, it is necessary to outline a plan for future work. Especially if you are going to demolish the walls and remodel.
  2. It is worth assessing the current state of all communications, wall structures, especially load-bearing ones.
  3. The presence and number of window and door openings will also play an important role in planning repair work.

Making a plan

  • The condition and dimensions of the plumbing will affect the location of the sockets. You may need to hire specialists to troubleshoot electrical or plumbing problems.
  • It is also worth carefully considering the design of the future kitchen, while taking into account the wishes of all household members.
  • It is necessary to determine in advance the color scheme, the arrangement of furniture and the arrangement of large-sized appliances.

How to prepare a project plan:

  • Make accurate measurements of the sink, stove and furniture. At the same time, be sure to take into account the location of all pipes, ventilation openings, windows and doors, batteries, as well as the presence of niches or protrusions.
  • It is also necessary to know the dimensions of the microwave oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and other appliances.
  • Decide on the location of the kitchen apron, this will also affect the sequence of repair work. If you plan to install pull-out drawers, you should consider their number, size and direction. The location of the door handles is also very important.
  • It is worth deciding on the location of lighting devices, lighting and additional light sources. At the same time, think about where the sockets will be mounted, and also measure the distance from the socket groups to the floor.
  • Measure the length, width and height of window and door openings. Measure the distance from them to the walls, ceiling and floor. All these parameters are very important and will affect the result.
  • Consider all present niches, ledges, decorative stucco and architectural structures.

Selection of materials

It is worth making a detailed list of all building materials and their quantities. It can be painted for facing surfaces, decorative plaster, wallpaper of all kinds, cement-sand mixtures for floor screed, putty, primer and other finishing materials. In order not to get lost in a wide assortment, it is also important to decide on the type of repair:

  1. Euro renovation. Both the selected materials and equipment, as well as the surface treatment, are oriented to modern European standards and building regulations.
  2. A radical change in the appearance of the premises is possible in stages, it is possible to replace all communications, batteries, pipes, move doors and windows, dismantle walls and partitions, install new structures, rearrange and combine several rooms into one.
  3. At the same time, it may be necessary to contact special authorities and hire a team of workers. It is not always possible and expedient to cope with a major overhaul on your own.
  4. Supportive cosmetic repair. The easiest and simplest type of repair work includes updating the finish, lighting devices and other elements. It can be done once every 5-7 years.

Sequence of works

Repair works can be divided into several stages:

  1. Planning and replacement of electrical wiring.
  2. Extraction system
  3. Replacement of the old sink and drain.
  4. Checking the condition of the sewage system and water supply.
  5. Installation of a kitchen apron, equipment for the working area.
  6. Facing the ceiling, walls, and then the floor.
  7. Arrangement of lighting devices.
  8. Installation of household appliances (stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines, etc.)

By following the correct sequence, you can repair the kitchen with your own hands and get the desired result:

  1. We clean the premises from garbage, dirt and other elements. The walls, floor and ceiling can be impregnated with soot and grease, therefore, after cleaning and scraping, the surfaces must be impregnated with a special composition. It is also recommended to wash all the walls with a soapy solution using a dense sponge, and then impregnated them with a layer of deep penetration primer. The video below shows the preparatory stage of repair work.
  2. It is necessary to conduct an audit of the floor to detect cracks, protrusions and irregularities. You may need an overhaul of the floor covering, suggesting a complete replacement of the concrete screed. The evenness of the surface must also be checked with a spirit level. After the leveling work, you can cover the finished floor with finishing materials, as shown in the photo.

When thinking about repairs, put aside all doubts and do not be afraid of difficulties. Having planned well and thought through all the nuances, you can get a chic result that will please all the household members.

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