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Do-it-yourself house siding

The most economical, easiest and fastest way to clad the facade of a new house or restore an old one is to finish (sheath) the house with siding.

Vinyl facade panels are a modern, environmentally friendly and durable material, without which it is already impossible to imagine suburban construction today. Exterior facade cladding with vinyl siding is not only beautiful, but also excellent protection against external influences and gives any building an attractive appearance. It is these factors that have become the main reasons for the popularity enjoyed by the siding finish. We would add to this the simple technology of upholstery of the house with siding, as well as the low cost of siding finishing compared to other materials.

In general, finishing the house with siding carries solid advantages.

To give a private house an attractive look, such building material as james hardie siding is used. This choice is because siding does not require much physical effort and material costs. The technology is simple, it does not require thorough preparation of the underlying surface and special tools.

In the case when the installation of siding is done by hand, then there is a significant saving in money.

Vinyl siding is the most commonly used inexpensive material. This is a fairly simple and not long installation. In this case, you can hide all the shortcomings of the facade of the house.

When sheathing a structure, a certain amount of finishing panels is not entirely consumed.

It is better to start sheathing with siding in all seriousness and take into account all the recommendations, so the process will be less difficult during installation. To avoid unnecessary expenditure of time and effort will allow a certain sequence of actions.

A plan is drawn up for the whole process to be successful, in which the required material is calculated.

First of all, markup should be done, which will determine the installation points for fasteners. This stage must be taken with all scrupulousness, since the whole work as a whole depends on accuracy. You need to do the markup like this: vertical lines are drawn from the corners of the house at intervals of 20 cm. Relative to them, the installation of load-bearing profiles is done. The rest are marked with lines horizontally at a distance of 60 cm.

To assemble the base, install the crate. The reliability of this structure, and will depend on the reliability of work. If the house is insulated, then either rolled or soft insulation is used under the crate, although the latter may lose its qualities in the future, and this will lead to the deformation of the facade.

Next, mount the inner and outer corners under the starting profiles, to fix the siding. After this work, we fix the panels.

Bearing panels need to be fixed from the corners. Using the level, we determine their exact location about the vertical line. The panels are mounted to the brackets in the form of the letter p. Thus, two profiles are mounted on both sides of the house.

After some time, the weather will change and to avoid the problem of bulging the panels, it is necessary to leave small gaps when sheathing. When the panels are attached, self-tapping screws and small nails are used, while they are fixed to the end.

Paneling is overlapped. To do this, the panels have special locks into which the next row is inserted.

Never use defective panels when installing, in which case the entire facade will be skewed.

Vinyl panels are good because siding is suitable for walls made of any material – wood or stone. If the wall is even, the question of how to finish it, as a rule, does not arise – facade siding can be mounted directly on it. Otherwise, first a wooden or metal crate is attached to the walls, which must be pre-treated with an antiseptic or rust primer, respectively. Installation of siding is not difficult, but has several features. You can learn more about the correct installation of siding from the installation instructions. If you have any questions, please contact your seller, he can also find out how much it costs to upholster your house with the help of professional teams

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