When to send Handwritten Thank You Cards

Saying “Thank you” is a very positive gesture. These two words are simple yet a powerful expression of gratitude. Being appreciative of people around you is a positive illustration of your character. But sometimes, words are not enough to show your gratefulness. Sometimes you need to be more creative and send your message of thankfulness in a special way by sending handwritten thank you cards.

Saying thank you through handwritten notes is not only for special occasions but it is also appropriate for just about any situation when you feel grateful to someone. Here are suggestions when to send handwritten thank you cards:

Grateful for a thoughtful neighbor or a friend. When you are surrounded by caring people, that is a true blessing and a joy. Every now and then, you might receive something from a neighbor or a friend such as a homecooked meal or some baked goodies. That is a good opportunity to express genuine gratitude. Sending a handwritten thank you card is ideal in expressing appreciation with this kind of situation. It is the perfect timing to connect with them despite your busy schedule thru writing. By sending handwritten card, recipients will recognize the effort you have given in creating one.

When favors are granted. Favors are something we usually ask from friends, family, companions and colleagues. It’s hard to live on our own and sometimes we need a little help from someone. Whether big or small, they should feel that you value the effort they gave you for the favor your requested. Appreciation through a personalized handwritten thank you card is a great way to pay for their good deed. Practice the art of being grateful – it enhances positive energy not only for yourself but also to those people who granted you favors.

Appreciate customer loyalty. Loyalty should be rewarded. It’s not at all times that you need to give discounts or freebies. Businesses should occasionally do this to express thanks to their customer and to promote brand loyalty. For an online seller, thank you notes for online orders sent together with the package will surprise the buyer and will attract more repeat orders.

After a dinner party or event. Receiving an invite for a dinner or event is a privilege. Just think about the time and effort in planning and executing a dinner party or event. Express your gratitude in a graceful manner by sending them a handwritten thank you card. Just make sure to send your thank you notes right after the event. Same is true when you are the one initiating a meeting whether for a casual tete-a-tete or for business. Don’t forget to value the time and effort of the people you invited and express your appreciation through handwritten thank you cards.

Sending a token of gratefulness or appreciation such as handwritten thank you notes and cards can go a long way. It is a very strong gesture that promotes human connection and it builds a better relationship. In this world of too much digitalization, handwritten messages are still the best way to communicate because it shows the most honest and genuine intention.

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