How to get a person who doesn’t like books interested in reading?

Are readers better than non-readers? In no case. Among readers and those who do not like books, there are many sensitive, intelligent, intelligent – beautiful people. Does a person change who was once fond of reading, and then, due to lack of time and other circumstances, has not read a single book for a long time?

And yet, recent scientific studies prove that reading is extremely useful not only for children, as was believed until recently, but also for adults. Gerontological psychologists, neurologists, physiologists and other scientists are constantly studying the effects of reading on the brain. The results are surprising and even stunning.

Scientists have repeatedly traced the connection between reading fiction and a successful life. Among the readers there are more people who have built a successful career and have an income above the average.

At the same time, a sociological study of the contingent of British prisons revealed that among the prisoners there are almost no people who read.

Some scientifically proven data:

  • Reading reduces stress 60% more effectively than listening to music, going for a walk, having a cup of tea or playing a video game;
  • Books prolong life : those who spend 3.5 hours a week reading a book have a chance to live 2 years longer than people who don’t read;
  • The left temporal lobe of the brain is responsible for perceiving what is read. It remains active throughout the reading of the book, even at those moments when the person is busy with something else, and even for some time after the book is finished.
  • Motivational stories in fiction books help in the fight against various habits and problems, for example, obesity.

Reading is a fairly simple activity, the mastery of which does not require a person to have a special mindset or extraordinary efforts, so it is available to everyone!

There are “3 ages of reading”, when a person can integrate this optional, but such a useful skill – reading books into his life.

Natural reading “from diapers”

A child is guaranteed to love reading and will spend his whole life with books if he learns this habit in early childhood. This is an absolute truth for all children, under only one condition – the desire of the parents and certain actions on their part.

How to grow a devoted reader:

  1. Be proactive: surround your child with diaper books. Let the simplest cardboard books always be in sight.
  2. Books should be stored where the child can freely take them at any time, and not when adults decide that “it’s time to read.”
  3. Tune in to children’s “vandalism”. The first books are bought for development, not to teach the child to take care of things – the time will come for that. If books are a pity, buy the cheapest ones, but let the children “read” them as they like for the sake of comprehensive development.
  4. Even if the child is not interested in books, read aloud to him from time to time, gradually the child will show interest in this process.
  5. If the child is not interested in listening to the text, look at the pictures together, name what is shown on them, tell what is happening in the picture.

There is a very small percentage of children who will be interested in reading by themselves, without special actions of adults aimed at forming this interest. Most children who do not see books from an early age will suffer from the need to read according to the curriculum in school, and will not like books in adulthood.

One of the best books for babies that parents can buy is the interactive “Alphabet”. Its feature is three-dimensional images and letters that develop the fine motor skills of children. This book is not cheap, but it is completely anti-vandal and safe for “readers” up to 1 year. Thick cardboard pages and a loose, strong cover do not injure the baby’s fingers, but it is very difficult to tear them.

Early adolescence is a time of thirst for knowledge

There are special books that can convert children in pre-adolescent and early teenage years to reading, even if until now the books have not aroused much interest. These special teenage books are encyclopedias.

At the age of 8-12, children suddenly realize how big and diverse the world is and want to know as much as possible about it. They are interested in learning new facts and expanding their ideas and knowledge in various areas. High-quality, interesting children’s encyclopedias become the main books in this period and can convert to reading literature in a different direction.

Almost adults and adults

Adolescence is unpredictable, special and in many aspects even a turning point. Habits, character and even interests may change during this period. A single special, interesting video book for teenagers can open the door to the incredible world of literature for a boy or girl.

From 13 to 18 years old, people are especially sensitive not just to coercion, but to any kind of manipulation. Therefore, a teenager will succeed in reading in the only case – if he wants to. The only thing parents can do in this situation is to push an interesting book for the teenager and hope that it will do its job.

Literature for teenagers with bright, charismatic heroes has the greatest chance of success, because at this age people tend to look for authorities elsewhere outside the family, even in literature. Books that are easy to understand, not overloaded with descriptions, and written in easy language have a chance to appeal to teenagers.

Teenage books that you can’t put down

By the way, the genre of teenage literature (Young Adult) is a good solution for adults who would like to start reading, but start yawning at the very thought of a book.

All people, readers and those who do not like books, love interesting stories. Juvenile literature is, first of all, extremely interesting plots and problems that are understandable to every person. So, interesting books for teenagers are not only for those who are under 20 and not only for those who are young at heart, but also for everyone who is taking their first steps in reading.

Do you want to start life from Monday or from the new year? The All-Ukrainian Reading Week is an opportunity to enrich your life with one of the simplest, but also the most useful hobbies.

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