Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Handgun!

Handguns are an essential part of many people’s lives and it is crucial to keep them in good condition. Cleaning your gun properly can help ensure it performs optimally, remains reliable and that the outside of the handgun stays nice and clean. Here are some tips and tricks from our handgun buyer’s guide to cleaning your handgun.

Disassemble the Firearm

First off, safety comes first!  Make sure that you store any cleaning materials in a safe place, away from children’s reach.  Before cleaning any firearm, it is important to make sure it is disassembled. Remove the magazine and any bullets from the handgun, making sure it is unloaded before cleaning. Then, using the firearm’s manual for reference, carefully remove any pins or screws that may be necessary for complete disassembly. This step should never be skipped as cleaning a partially assembled gun can lead to malfunctions or damage in the future.

Clean All Parts

Make sure to clean all of the parts that make up your handgun. Use cleaning solvent and a cleaning brush to scrub away any dirt, grime, or lead buildup on the barrel, magazine, slide stop, and other parts of the gun. Allow those parts to dry before moving on.  Cleaning all the parts of the handgun is beneficial because you’re getting rid of all the dirt and grime that has been building up since the last time you cleaned it and it will allow all the parts of the gun to function properly.

Give Handgun a Bath

Soaking the handgun in a cleaning solution is a great way to ensure that all of the inner parts are clean and free from dirt or other residue. You can use cleaning solvent, which can be found in any gun store, or even just soapy water. Let the handgun soak for at least an hour before taking it out and cleaning any remaining pieces.  You can do this as a substitute for cleaning all the parts by hand or you can do this as well.  We recommend doing both but the decision is really up to you.

Apply Lubricant

Once the cleaning is complete and all parts are dry, apply a thin layer of lubricant to all metal surfaces on the handgun. This will help reduce friction when firing and ensure your gun performs well in any weather conditions. Make sure not to over-lube as this can have a negative effect on your firearm’s performance.  The lubricant is essential to getting your handgun in the optimal shape and condition in order to perform in the situation you need to use it.

Reassemble the Firearm

After cleaning and lubricating, it is time to reassemble the handgun. Refer back to the manual for instructions on how to do so properly. Make sure all parts are securely fastened and in their proper place before attempting to fire the gun.  Getting the handgun parts in the proper areas and in the proper order will prevent any backfires or mishaps that could come from accidentally putting a part in the wrong spot.  Look online for any tutorials or instructions if you forget where everything goes.

These tips and tricks should help you keep your handgun in top condition. Make sure to clean your gun after every use, as cleaning regularly is one of the most important steps in maintaining a reliable firearm. When cleaning, always make sure to follow safety protocol and take all necessary precautions.  Do some online research or ask your friends or family about how you should clean your handgun or if you have any other questions about handguns in general.  Cleaning is essential to keep the handgun in top condition both on the outside and in how it functions.

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