Brock Lesnar Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Wife, Net Worth

Brock Lesnar is a popular name in wrestling. Every wrestling fan knows him well. He is known as the Beast in wrestling. That is because he is a man with skills in the field of wrestling. He became so much popular at such a young age, and he is the only and youngest wrestler who won the WWE World Championship. It shows how much skill does he has and how destructive he is.

Early Life of Brock Lesnar

One of the most popular wrestlers, Brock Lesnar, was born on 12th July 1977 in a place known as Webster South Dakota.


Brock is the son of Richard Lesnar and Stephanie. However, Brock has three siblings, and he is of German descent too. Although he is recognized and holds an American nationality, he actually belongs to German ethnicity. At the same time, he is a follower of Christianity.


Brock went to Webster High School at an early age. On there, he played football and also took part in amateur wrestling tournaments. After completing high school, he joined the Bismarck State College, and on there, he participated in the National Junior College Athletic Association heavyweight wrestling championship and won the championship as well. He didn’t complete his graduation because he got the wrestling scholarship at the University of Minnesota for his amazing wrestling skills.

Personal Life

Brock is a married man, and his wife is Rena Greek, who is professionally a Sable. They got married in 2006. They have two sons. At the same time, Brock has twins from his former fiancé named Nicole McClain.


Brock chose wrestling as his career, but he also did some other things too:


Brock Lesnar started his career as a wrestler by signing with the World Wrestling Federation WWF in 2000. After he signed in, he was sent to OVW that stands for Ohio Valley Wrestling. On there, he met with Paul Heyman, who is a spokesman, friend, and manager as well. However, he won the Southern Tag Team Championship three times along with his partner Shelton Benjamin.

Brock is one of the skilled wrestlers, and he won the WWE Championship four times in his career. He also won the King of the Ring in 2002. Besides, he also has the title of the Royal Rumble in the year 2003. Later, he won the IWGP Heavy Weight Championship in the New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Now, during his time at Inoki Genome Federation, he won the IWGP Heavy Weight Championship as well. Moreover, he was the winner of the UFC Heavyweight Championship at the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Unknown Facts about Brock Lesnar

There are some unknown facts about Brock Lesnar that you surely don’t know, and those are as follows:

  • Nickname – Most people don’t know that Brock used to have a funny nickname when he was a kid. It’s a vegetable nickname called “Broccoli.”
  • Color Blind – Brock is color blind, and he can’t differentiate between various colors.
  • National Guard – This WWE star joined the National Guard when he was only 17 years old.
  • First Match – The first match that he won in WWE was against Jeff Hardy.
  • Republican – Most people don’t know, but he is a republican conservative.

Final Verdict

Brock Lesnar is a name of terror in wrestling since he destroys his opponents and is known for his attacks. He is a very skilled wrestler and the highest earned wrestler in the world. Now, there are some rumors going on that he is going to retire soon.

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