What is C1 Fighting Chicken? How to Choose the Correct Rooster

Cockfighting is probably a subject that is no longer strange to longtime betting players. However, for new recruits to the profession, there must be many surprises. So, through the following article, we will guide you how to choose the most accurate cock. As well as explaining what the concept of the c1 game cock is, invite the cockers to follow along with 188BET

  1. What is the C1 cockfighting tournament?

C1 fighting cock is also known as a famous domestic and foreign arena. To be able to participate in the tournament, usually these chickens have to go through hard training. Above all, all cocks in the C1 cup need to achieve certain achievements. Then have the opportunity to stand on the stage of C1.

Besides, to explain what is the meaning of C1 fighting cock. Because the naming people have a special love for football. Along with that, cockfighting always gives viewers dramatic matches, so the tournament name is C1 cup.

Before becoming the big tournament as it is today, cockfighting was also considered a long-standing folk game. So we can easily understand why the game is such a hot hit.

In addition, those of you who want to watch live cockfighting matches of the C1 Cup in Vietnam. You can go to the chicken coop in Ninh Binh, Binh Duong, Thai Binh,… Surely this will be an extremely interesting experience.

  1. What is the guide on how to breed and choose C1 fighting cocks?

From time immemorial, his father has always attached great importance to breeding, including humans and livestock. In particular, in cockfighting, it is even more important to consider. So what is the secret to choosing a C1 fighting cock?

2.1 How to choose a breed of fighting cock?

In the past, his father used to have a very interesting way of keeping chickens. Instead of struggling to find many undefeated cocks. His father would select a good fighting cock and keep it as a breed. Because most of the fighting genes can be passed on to their descendants. Through the above method, you should find good breeders and order a few chicks in advance to bring back for training.

However, players should note that in a flock there will be both good and bad chickens. Therefore, you have to do the screening again when they are grown. After the filtering process, the cockers should separate the flock to raise their own cocks. Avoid fighting for injury or mating with hens that degrade the health of the cock.

2.2 How to choose chickens to join the C1 game?

To choose an undefeated rooster in the future, cockers can apply the following chicken general view.

  • Strawberry comb chicken head, square-shaped eyes, wide mouth and large straight beak.
  • The neck is long, large, straight and proportionate to the body.
  • The back is wide and not too high, combined with long, large wings.
  • The thighs are big and strong, the chicken thighs are usually longer than the handles.
  • Tight toes, long rods and dry-thin scales.
  • For coat color, players should consider a number of colors such as purple, swallow, mustard green, gray, umbrella, etc. In which, the favorite color of cockers is usually umbrella, purple and gray. Umbrella chickens must be full color or wet umbrellas, and gray chickens will be dry gray.
  • Do not choose lead-legged white chicken because fighting skills are quite poor.
  • A rooster crowing 7 hours or more and there is a jerk in the crowing will be future cocks.
  • There are some cocks that are heterogeneous, so only experienced cockers can distinguish them.

3.What are the notes when participating in the C1 cockfighting arena?

Not only C1 cockfighting cup but also many other tournaments. Players also need to pay attention to some issues such as:

After the process of weighing and checking the chickens, the cockers should choose a suitable high position to release their cocks to exercise. Avoid the case of leaving the chicken in the cage for too long, causing the chicken to get stuck, affecting the upcoming match. Above all, the high position will help the chicken not to be blinded and become more flexible.

Instead of holding the chicken around the field to watch the game, you should tie the chicken’s legs and drop it on the field. Never allow cocks to come into contact with other fighters. It is advisable to keep a safe distance, because many opponents are likely to use tricks to cause their chickens to collide. Hurt the players’ chickens before the game starts.

When releasing chickens, players should place chickens in the direction of their legs. The left hand lifts the thighs, chest and wings. The other hand is placed on the upper part of the cocking buoy. By doing this, you will help the chickens keep their balance. Wait for the signal to be issued, then let go of the right hand to release the chicken.

  1. How to take care of chickens preparing to participate in the C1 game?

To make the matches at the C1 tournament go smoothly and achieve high results as expected by the cockers. Therefore, we have compiled a few more ways to take care of chickens to prepare for this important game.

4.1 Training level of cocks

For cocks preparing to participate in quality tournaments, cockers need to increase their training. However, it is necessary to allocate time reasonably and in moderation. Avoid the case where the cocks are over-trained and overworked. As well as limit for chickens to fight for too long with other chickens that cause damage.

To perform well the exercise regime, every morning let the chickens go to the yard to run a few rounds of exercise. In the afternoon can give cocks make a few matches at the friendly level. However, these matches should only be twice a week.

4.2 Food and nutrition

If you want chickens to participate in the battle of cockfighting C1 is highly effective. In addition to giving the rooster a reasonable exercise, the farmer must also have a scientific diet. Avoid feeding too much fiber without adding protein or vice versa. However, protein should only be provided 2-3 times a week, but should not be abused. Because when feeding chickens too much will cause chicken diarrhea or intestinal disease.


4.3 How to clean the barn

For the cleaning of the barn, farmers need to regularly clean and keep the cage in the driest mode. Limit the condition of chicken manure stored or moldy. Because when that happens, chickens will have skin diseases caused by bacteria or dry feet and severe respiratory disease.

Therefore, cockers should pay attention as well as keep one rooster in one cage. Limiting to 2-3 animals in the same cage because it is easy to spread diseases but also cause them to fight in the cage.

5.What is C1 game cock betting experience?

Here are the experiences that we have compiled so that bettors can improve their winning rate.

5.1 Observation and analysis before placing bets

When participating in betting on a match between two cocks, players should not be too hasty in placing bets. Because, bettors only need to place their bets before the match ends. Therefore, carefully observe the situation and the trend of winning or losing the match. Thereby giving the prediction results with the highest accuracy.

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5.2 Choose a match with a high probability of winning

Instead of the match in the C1 cockfighting, you can bet selectively. By analyzing the matchup before going to the field and determining how much to win. If you feel that the odds of winning that game are not high. Then, players should not bet to avoid losing money unjustly.

5.3 Keep your mind stable to make the correct choice

Many bettors at the beginning of the game often let their mood overwhelm their analytical ability. So make decisions with very low odds. Therefore, you need to pay attention to keep your mind at the most normal level. Only then will the prediction be highly effective. As well as avoiding the case of being too confused to choose the wrong betting object.

5.4 Divide the betting capital amount into many small matches

Because the skirmishes of the strategies in the C1 tournament are often divided into different rounds. So, if the player wants to have more chances to win as well as earn more money. There is only one way that is to break the existing capital into many small parts.

Limit putting money into one or a few games, by doing so you will inadvertently reduce your bets. Thus, the probability of betting decreases, the percentage of winning bets also decreases. Bettors need to keep themselves at the most alert level to increase their chances of winning and winning.

So the above article has explained what C1 fighting cock is, along with some breeding methods that cockers should know. Hopefully, the updated data will help you find your own cock soon

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