What are market gaps and slippage in forex?

If you want to become a forex trader, first step is to sit in a peaceful place and then learn all the basic concepts of forex market. You may already hear about market gaps and slippage but what these terminologies mean. In this article, we are going to provide you with complete information about market gaps and slippage. So, stay with us until the end.

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What are market gaps?

Gaps define as sudden breaks in currency price with zero trading make in between. In forex markets, gaps occasionally occur on weekends as these are the only times when the market close. Gaps can be for a very short time like right after a major news release or for a minute chart.

There are mainly four kinds of gaps that are runaway gap, common gap, exhaustion gap and breakaway gap.

Gaps can be moved up and move down as when the gaps are up, it indicates that no trader wants to sell at this movement of gaps. When the gaps are down, it means no trader is willing to buy at this gap move.

As a forex trader, it’s highly crucial to be aware of market gaps as they may come with an impactful price act. Like when the price gap happens, currency prices have the chance to reverse to fill the gap.

Examples of market gaps

Example can be including a major announcement or any event, it can be unexpected international news or event whentrading revers after a holiday or weekends. Or when any economic news is released especially when the news contains data that is not expected by the forex market.

How to use market gaps?

If you see a gap, take it as a signal and simply stay out of the market. Gaps can close by relative prices fluctuate in the opposite way of the gap to barely where they start. However, sometimes gaps can display strength and prove beneficial.

Furthermore, if you make a trade and a gap occur right after it. So, it’s highly suggested to cancel the trade instantly.

What is Slippage?

Slippage can be defined as a difference between the price at which trade make and the expected price of a certaintrade by the investors. Market gaps largely affect market slippage.


The main reasons for slippage are market gaps which make a trader limit or cancel orders. In simple words, the trade will be operated at different prices from that expected.

Volatile markets can cause the currency priceto change quickly from the actual price when trade isexecuted. Moreover, the efficiency of one’s trade is highly important. If your broker is too slow to execute trade, this may cause slippage. Therefore, avatrade minimum deposit zar is the best that will come with relatively high efficiency.

Final Verdict

Before making biggest trades, take time and get aware of each area of forex related to market gaps and slippage to earn potential profits and to avoid higher risks.

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