Tips for Planning a Romantic Anniversary Party

Anniversaries are a fantastic time for couples to get together and celebrate the life they share with each other.  Anniversary parties ensure that couples get the chance to make as much out of these moments as possible, giving them the opportunity to share their love and connection with the people around them.

If you’re trying to plan a romantic anniversary party, there are a few key steps you should keep in mind!

Create a Theme That Calls Back to the Relationship

The theme should be based on the relationship shared by these two people.  Although this should be obvious, many people overlook this key idea and instead go for a general party setting.  If the couple met while traveling abroad, consider theming it on travel!  If they’ve been together since the 90s, why not throw a 90s themed party?

There’s something incredible about showing a couple that you know them well rather than helping them feel that connection with each other like they did when it all started out.

Your Guest List Should be As Drama-Free as Possible

Nothing ruins a party as quickly as pointless drama.  Not only does it stop people from connecting with one another, but it also pulls the focus off of the couple and their relationship and instead puts it on pettiness.

Curate a careful and well-thought-out guest list.  This means friends and loved ones and being aware of any tensions either people in the couple might have with other people.  If this isn’t a surprise party, consult with each member of the couple to get a read on who can and can’t be invited.

Get Performers That Spark Intrigue and Romance

A live performance can liven up any party!  The best way to get people into motion, or having fun, is to hire live musicians who can pick up the tempo and ensure everyone’s having a good time.  Saxophone players are an awesome choice since the best sax songs are romantic jams and can be a fun touch to any party.

If you’re not sure what type of performers to hire, consider checking out the couple’s Spotify or Apple Music accounts to get a feel for what type of tunes they listen to.

Ensure the Couple Doesn’t Have to Clean Up After

Don’t make the couple you’re throwing the party think about cleaning!  It’s a good idea not to host it at their house and to ensure there’s a cleaning crew already signed up to stay after the event.  This ensures the couple can depart and spend time together when the party ends and that they don’t have to worry about the stress of cleaning or keeping tidy while they’re enjoying themselves.

Leave Reminders of Their Lives Together

Every couple has built time and work into their relationship, so why not include touches of that?  If they love a specific hobby or sport together, consider leaving hints of that throughout the party!  This is a night about them, make sure they feel special.

Everyone Deserves an Incredible Anniversary

Whether they’ve been together five years, or fifty, every couple deserves to be celebrated for being together.  Take the time to throw them a party they’ll never forget!

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