Tickmill MT4 – Key Findings of this Forex Broker

About Tickmill MT4

Tickmill MT4 is a leading online trading platform, which works to provide quick and simple trading experience to its clients, providing all the essential tools required for the same, from mobile to desktop. It provides tools to help traders find the best spot to trade. 

The company’s aim is to provide live trading to clients, by providing a platform that offers various information related to the Forex markets. It provides services like AI-driven trading, a seamless trade experience, 99% accurate trading, and a slew of other unique features.

Powered by AI-Based Advance System:

Tickmill mt4 is powered by an advanced system that has the ability to analyze the speed and consistency of the trading that is going on at the time, it works to provide consistent trading experience to their customers. Being a leading Forex broker company, they offer their client one-on-one interaction, making it easier for them to get the answers they want and provide the right trades for them.

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On top of all these, the team at AM has a deep understanding of the Forex market and industry and creates products according to the needs of their customers, whether big or small.

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Market Reports:

The tickmill MT4 reports on market values such as current and historic values as well as the historical performance of the market index of the U.S. dollar, CNY/USD, ETH/USD and the world FX. Market data is offered in 8 graphic models. The tickmill MT4 has been developed by Global X Research, LLC (GXR). The tickmill MT4 provides a state-of-the-art risk-management tool to assess the most profitable trade set-up and trade protection. Click here magazinevibes Visit here theedgesearch Touch here thenewsinsider Visit this website soap2day Learn more about healthworldnews

As of February 2018, tickmill FX has made a significant shift in the ETF marketplace, adding currency classifications for Emerging Markets, International and Global FX and adding the metric suite of quadrants.

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Market Profile / Fund Basics

  • Size: $219 million in AU
  • AUM: $219 million in AUM One-year Return: 0.72%
  • 0.72% One-year Normalized Return: 0.55%
  • 0.55% Yearly Distribution Rate (YTD): 6.78%
  • 6.78% Expense Ratio: 0.60%
  • 0.60% Market Cap: $50 million
  • $50 million 52-week Price Change: +0.09%
  • +0.09% 1-year Market Change: +0.38%
  • +0.38% Zacks Rank: #2 (Buy)
  • +0.38% Yearly Profit Growth: 72.57%
  • 71.71% Last 5 Years Profit Growth: -1.69%
  • -1.69% Earnings Estimates: 0.50 in 2018; 0.99 in 2019; 1.07 in 2020
  • 0.50 in 2018; 0.99 in 2019; 1.07 in 2020 52-week Price Change Average: +0.06%

Performance Analysis

Trading at 2.8x standard deviation, the tickmill MT4 returned 71.71% in 2017 and 0.55% in 2016. Going forward, it is expected to remain the same.

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Standard deviation is a standard metric in mathematics that represents extreme point spread between the most and least extreme value. A number above 1.0 indicates a highly volatile share; 0.3 indicates an average.

How the Position Indicators of Tickmill FX Currency Pairs are Determined?

Usually, the currency pairs are traded actively. The position indicators of the tickmill FX currency pairs are determined by proprietary algorithms with complex formulas based on the movement of the world’s most liquid currency pairs.

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