The Basics Of Trading On A Crypto Exchange

Crypto trading is getting very popular, and many people are attracted to it due to its high return on investment and potential for exponential progress. The process of crypto trading has become simple and easy with the help of crypto exchange platforms that provide users with the facility to invest and withdraw their amount anytime. There are many cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and each has its properties. KuCoin is also a crypto exchange platform that provides maximum features at the least amount of price. In this article, we will learn the basics of trading crypto using the crypto exchange platforms.

The Basics Of Crypto Trading

The trading of crypto is not only done with the dollar or any other fiat currency, but you can trade your bitcoin exchange for Ethereum or any other coins. It is done by order book and contains the list of all the trading. KuCoin offers trading in 500 currencies, and it has a diverse order book for trading that users can choose from. It is simply a list of Buy and Sell (Bid and ask), and anyone can place an order in it. These are the common crypto order types.

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Market orders

The market order is probably the most straightforward crypto order by the trader. The trader sells or buys a definite amount of crypto at the best available price. For example, a particular user places a bid to buy 1000 dogecoin. He would choose the one with the least amount. Similarly, if a user wants to sell 1000 doge coins, he would choose the offer with the maximum price. A market order is straightforward to understand, and the price fluctuates.

Limit orders

The crypto order is to buy or sell the crypto once it reaches a specific limit. For example, a user orders to purchase bitcoin for less than $40,000. These orders are best suited for the trader who can wait for a long time.

Stop orders

Stop orders are meant to purchase or sell the crypto when they reach their threshold price. It is just like the market order, but sometimes the amount is specified. This type of order allows the user to limit the losses and gain even from the market falls. For example, a user sets the stop order at $40,000 and wants to sell 5 BTC if the market value touches this figure.

Stop-limit orders

It combines limit order and stop order and is an advanced form of crypto trading. The user can set two limits at a time, the first is to eliminate all purchases, and the second is to sell or purchase crypto. It provides more leniency in crypto trading. It also minimizes the risk and maximizes the profits.

Crypto Trading Using Crypto Exchange

The crypto market rises and falls in just a matter of minutes, and in this case, it is not possible to sit in front of a screen all the time. KuCoin provides the feature of trading that can do trading on your behalf and trade the coins on the levels defined by you. It also has the features to offer risk-free earning using the NFT, Affiliate program, Bitcoin Cloud Mining, Crypto Mining Pool, Bitcoin Mining Pool, etc. it also provides complete and updated information using the cryptocurrency news and has its coin called KCS.

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