Pokemon Go Versus Pokemon Console Games 

In this article, we’ll highlight all the differences between Pokemon video games. Additionally, If you need information about other subjects related to gaming, like finding more outstanding goods and offers from Pokemon Go and the most popular video games, Shop Now! Grab yourself a few bonuses and enjoy your video games with more activities.

Mobile Gaming

Both types of Pokemon versions will give you the option to play on the “go.” You must grab your gaming device, load a Pokemon video game, and catch them all.

With the Pokemon Console Games, you need the proper device (Gameboy or Switch), the cartridge (or the files), and run. After Pokemon loads, you pick the save file and continue your playthrough.

Pokemon Go needs a mobile device, and you only must load the app. After the auto log-in completes, your progress loads by itself, and you can restore your journey quickly. 

Even though both options let you play anywhere, you might feel that Pokemon Go is more convenient. You only need one device (since we can’t get rid of our cell phones) and start playing.  

Human Interaction

Each type of Pokemon has a way to let you interact with other players. Inside the Pokemon Console Games, you could trade Pokemon with a wire and even battle with your favorite Pokemon. Since both players were close to each other, you could talk and share information about the video game. Additionally, both players need the same Pokemon generation (For example: Red, Blue, and Yellow) and platform.

On the other hand, the Pokemon Go version gives you more ways to play with more than one player. For example, you can “create” a party and fight in a Stadium when a Rare Pokemon is there. Furthermore, you have all the rudimentary interactions from the console counterpart. 

Once again, Pokemon Go gains the upper hand with more options and easy access. Overall, grab extra goods as you Buy Pokemon Go Accounts with bonuses. Start your journey with the upper hand in your team and become a better trainer.


The point of the “evergrowing“ Pokedex is to show how many Pokemon you can capture in a single version. At first, you could see the present and previous generations paired in a single video game. Nowadays, this is not the case. Due to memory and new 3D models/animations, the developers limit the Pokedex. 

Inside Pokemon Go, they follow the first approach. The Pokedex is behind the latest console versions, but they kept all the Pokemon in the app. Therefore, you could see more options in the future. Sadly, this is not all positive news. Some Pokemon are “region locked,” in other words, you need to travel to a different country/continent to catch them all.

When we talk about the Pokedex, there’s no true winner. You either get a limited amount of Pokemon or some in-game restrictions.

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