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Making Attractive Reels on Instagram

The reels section of Instagram was launched in August, 2020, but in no time has this feature of Instagram caught users attention and has now become a prime feature of the application. Instagram reels are said to be inspired from Tik-Tok an app that allowed making short videos in various audios. After the ban of Tik-Tok Instagram reels took its place in just no time. The reels section is something we all are hooked to. We tend to constantly scroll through its awesome content . But like Tik-Tik, Instagram has no feature to download these videos. So, there you can use InstaZoom Downloader for saving them in your mobile.

Then how do you make content that is attractive and best and would surely catch an eye? We know for sure that reels format is sure to stay, hence getting reels game right can get you more engagement and profit. Here’s a short guide to help you make your reels more attractive.

  • Plan the content:

Reels are not just meant for fun, they serve much more than that. Hence you cannot just post anything up there. You should have a planned content to capture user interest. This doesn’t mean you are supposed to have content that is like a professional movie, all this means is your content should be meaningful and useful to your viewers. They should find it useful. it should not be just the same old way everyone else is doing it, try adding your something to it.

  • Be creative and original:

Creativity is what sells the most on social media. People love to see reels that have something new and creative. Like maybe selling your hobby of painting, a recipe, or more. burn your brain cells in order to get the best ideas. Even if you consider hoping on new trends just make sure you add something of yourself. 

  • Provide value:

People often get bored of seeing those trends on a loop. What they actually need is valuable content. Content that benefits them or interests them. providing valuable content is all that matters. Creating educational and motivational videos that benefit users is a great way of being noticed. If you are promoting your business make sure to highlight the usefulness of your product to others. 

  • Get tricky with trends and transitions:

People love to watch transitions. This has been one evergreen trend on social media. transition of any kind draws views and likes instantly. Being creative with trends and transitions is the best way to attract users. Check for the trending tunes and formats and include your content in it. jam your creativity in the ongoing trend to stand out and be noticed.

  • Shoot vertically while keeping graphics perfect:

Reels section includes videos that are vertically aligned and play on after the other. One thing that you need to keep in mind while shooting your video is the fact that you should definitely record your video in a vertical position. Keep the camera vertically aligned so as to get perfect video. Horizontally aligned videos do not work for reels. Other than keeping track of a good lighting condition with perfect graphics is vital as no one would be interested in viewing something that’s blurry or lacks clear graphics.

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