Best Real Estate Apps to Find Properties Quickly

You are a realtor or involved in real estate; whether it’s a real estate agent, broker, or even investor, you will need to stay updated and research a lot. The same goes for those people who are looking forward to buying real estate. Now, what could be a great way to find properties quickly along with their price and details? Obviously! Get an application that is accessible from phones and other devices.

Top 5 Real Estate Apps

These are the top real estate apps in the market right now.

1. Zillow

It is one of the top real estate apps that have excellent ratings. It is well-known too.

It is the best option for online home value estimates and tells all the users of this app about the estimated home values as well as past sales prices and more for virtually every home in the US.

2. RedFin

It is another excellent real estate application that is both an app and a brokerage firm. It offers estimate values that are more accurate than Zillow’s algorithm for some time tunai4d. One of the best and most useful features that this mobile app has is the ability to filter on upcoming open houses. However, it may not lead to your next home, but it will give you an idea of what homes are like in the area and what could be the price as well.

3. Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets offers lots of resources, which are free so that people can learn about real estate. It includes blog posts, podcasts, ebooks, guides, and forums. Bigger Pockets are available in both forms, which are app and website.

4. LoopNet

It is one of the best apps for real estate and the most useful app for multi-unit and big properties like commercial properties. It is just like Zillow but for bigger properties. If you are going to buy or look for commercial property, then don’t go anywhere else. That is because you will find tons of them here with many details. It is the best choice for property investors.


It is not the official search portal for the National Association of Realtors. But, one benefit that people will get by using it is the close relationship realtors have with the Multiple Listing System that provides data feeds used by most sites on the list. Now, because of the special relationship, however, this site is often updated a little faster and has a wide range of listed properties.

If you don’t have a real estate agent yet, then I will recommend you to use that will make it easy to connect with a local agent.

The Bottom Line

These are the top and most useful real estate apps that you can use to estimate property values and find homes. But, you must also do your own research too because some of them have no source, and some have algorithms that can provide inaccurate results too.



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