What are the Benefits of Hiring a Title IX Advisor in California?

Title IX is a key federal law that was enacted to provide students with equal educational opportunities regardless of gender. Due to the importance of this law, there are a number of questions that arise when colleges and universities implement rules and policies around it. 

Working with a California Title IX advisor can help you navigate through these often difficult situations while protecting your rights as an individual. Because of the importance of this law, Title IX advisors have been and will continue to be sought out by many students and professionals. 

Below are some benefits of hiring a Title IX advisor for your school.

All Title IX advisors share one key responsibility, which is providing objective and fair guidance to those who seek it. When a person seeks help from a Title IX advisor, they can be confident that the person will not have any bias towards others in the school community. This can go a long way in helping build trust between them and this individual.

  • Develop strategic decisions

An important part of working with a Title IX advisor is to identify problems that one may have. In addition, they must have the knowledge to develop an appropriate plan that will address these problems and allow you to avoid future issues. Another important factor is the ability to provide input on policies and procedures without compromising guidelines. 

  • Prepare the accused student for hearings

When working with a Title IX advisor, the accused student can feel confident that they are being represented in a fair manner. This is important because many times students may not feel that they have a voice when it comes to their own cases. By having someone in their corner, you can feel more positive about how your case will be handled when it is brought before the Title IX board or hearing panel.

  • Ensure that the school complies with Title IX policies and procedures

It is important to use a Title IX advisor that has a handle on the relevant laws and college policies. They can help you to ensure that the school complies with both when developing and implementing policies and procedures. 

  • Files appeal, if necessary

One way a Title IX advisor can help their client is to file an appeal if a decision is not favorable. In some cases, this can help overturn a previous ruling.

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