Ultimate Guide to Effective Keyword Research for Your Blogs

Running a blog is not a big deal. You just have to publish content. That’s it. But running an effective and user-friendly blog is hard. That is because you, as an owner of the blog, have to satisfy Google and visitors. And you need to take care of many things, and keyword research is one of them. If you don’t find any good keywords, then you won’t be able to rank higher. So, make sure to pay good attention to keyword research, and if you can’t, then hire SEO services.

Find Topics

When you are about to research keywords for your blogs, the first thing that you need to do is to find the topics so that you can create content on that topic. Without any topic, how will you be able to find keywords? For example, suppose you like travel so much, and you have decided to create content around travelling. Then you can start keyword researching when you find your topics. Don’t stop with one single topic. You need to write down various topics and choose the most effective topics that have many high-volume keywords. There are many good topics available that have millions of search volumes, like hospitality, motivation, technology, news, finance, and many others as well.

Search Intend

Keyword research is not just enough for the success of your blog. You need to understand the search intent of that particular keyword. And with search intent, I meant what users want from that keyword. Are they looking for information or services? You need to understand that so that you can provide that and your visitors get the satisfaction and benefit you with the good response that Google will notice. There are four types of searches intended, and those are information, commercial, navigational, and transactional. You need to find out which intent visitors have with your keyword.

Keyword Research Tools

I must say manual keyword research is good. It will help you understand many factors and do many extra things that tools won’t allow. At the same time, many tools often provide unrealistic data, so trusting them won’t do anything good to you. But there are many free and paid keyword research tools that will help you big time. That is because manually research will take a huge amount of time to get all the data of keywords. But tools will help you to get all the keyword data within seconds, and you will be able to choose lots of keywords in an instance. And my recommendation for everyone would be to use premium keyword research tools that will cost you money and will benefit you with real-time data and efficiency.

Suggestions from Google and YouTube

Let me tell you a short story of mine. I didn’t know how to make coffee. So, I search for that on Google and YouTube. And with just 10 minutes of research, I made myself a coffee. However, the moral of this story is that people search for their intended things on Google and YouTube. So, when you are looking for some keywords, people actually search for their daily life issues, and they do that a lot. You should find those keywords on Google suggestions and YouTube suggestions.

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