How to Register a Universal Travel Pass Online

The Universal Travel Pass is a digital document that you have to show at airports and railway stations to enter a country or city. You will need to be a member of the UTP to use this card. If you are not a member of the UTP, you should register. There are several steps to apply for a universal travel pass. Read on to learn more about the process. Once you are a member, you can generate a universal travel pass online.

To get a Universal Travel Pass, you must live in India. The program was introduced for the purpose of making all public transportation available to everyone. It can be used for rail and rickshaw travel and can even be used for travel in other states. Applicants must be citizens of India or have a job in the medical, education, or utility sector. You need to fill the application form with your details and upload a photo. The photo you upload should be clear and show your face clearly.

Universal Travel Pass is an electronic QR code-based pass, which facilitates travel permission during lockdown. It is a web application that contains all the details about the traveler. The card can be used by individuals or companies. Currently, the pass is only available in Maharashtra. The pass also contains a QR code that can be scanned by railways and buses. When you travel, the QR code is read by the authorities, allowing you to enter a particular country or city.

The Universal Travel Pass is valid in all states of India. It was initially launched by the Maharashtra government. However, the central government has since adopted the scheme. Its benefits aren’t limited to essential service workers, but are also available for those who don’t have a job in Maharashtra. So, whether you are a student, an employee, or a visitor, the Universal Travel Pass can help you get the necessary information.

You can apply for the Universal Travel Pass online by filling out an application form. You need to provide a mobile number, a One Time Password, and a photograph. Then, you can begin using your new Maharashtra universal travel pass. After completing the application form, the higher officials will approve your Universal Travel Pass. And once you have it, you can travel anywhere in Maharashtra with no problems. You can even work during a lockdown or curfew, but you have to show it to the police officers.

You can also apply for a Universal Travel Pass through your establishment. To apply, simply click the QR code and complete the application form. It will ask you to enter your establishment’s registration number and certificate, your establishment name, the category and type number, and your mobile phone number. You will receive a confirmation message once you have completed the registration. You can also print out the Universal Travel Pass and bring it to the airport or train station.

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