How To Keep Yourself Safe From Crypto Scams

Cryptocurrency is a growing sector, and each day has become more and more popular. The crypto sector, with its amazing turnout, is famous among people. Well, with day-by-day popularity, various crypto exchanges have come into existence to provide an amazing experience to their customers. Moreover, these crypto exchanges aim to make crypto trading easier for people. Well, one of the popular yet recommended exchanges is kucoin. Kucoin. Kucoin, founded in 2017 by jhony lu, has been recognized as the top exchange. However, with more and more popularity in the crypto sector, the rate of scams is also increasing. Thus, it is recommended to all users be safe. Well, the question is, how to keep you safe from crypto scams? So, any delay, let’s check out how you can save yourself from scams.


Before investing your money into cryptocurrency, remember that these markets are volatile; once your money is gone, it will never come back. A person should take some valuable precautions while investing his money in cryptocurrency. These are as under:

  • Do your research
  • Don’t trust everyone in this field
  • Secure your crypto wallet
  • Social media scam
  • Social engineering scam
  • Reject fees offer

Do Your Research

Users feel free to do their research in this case. Because this is not volatile money, and sometimes more trust causes more loss, especially in cryptocurrency cases. For example, BTC is a common coin that can be invested easily. Never give any coin or support to an unknown member. If you think investment seems too good, it is probably a scam.

Don’t Trust Anyone

Treat all people the same don’t trust people too much because it is not acceptable. For example, BTC, ETH, and LUNC are common coins, and if unknown tries to take your coins, you must not become too dependent and never support fake users.

Secure Your Crypto Wallet

A particular user has a secure crypto wallet. Never share your private and personal key with anyone. Bitcoin is a special coin, so it allows users to have secure and personal wallets from which a person’s information does not pass to an anonymous person.

Social Media Scam

Social media scam is a common scams that hackers perform on different social media accounts. Numerous posts about getting a quick response, depositing one ETH and BTC coin and getting two coins in return. Social media scam is spread far and wide.

Social Engineering Scam

Social engineering scam is a common scams that hackers usually perform. In such emails, hackers claim to have a record of adult websites visited by users and threaten to expose them unless they share their private keys.


Reject Fees Offers

BTC, ETH, and LUNC these coins offer their users and clients many offers. Sometimes offers are great, but sometimes they may be rejected. Many investments in the companies are scams. Before investing in the company, you need to check its website to find out how they protect its customers and look for specific reviews.

More Information

  • The price of the Terra Classic is 0.0001289 LUNC/USD
  • The price of ETH is 88,489 PKR
  • The price of BTC is 3928,708.07 PKR

In today’s world, these bitcoins are changing and maintaining their level of capacity.


Short-term estimates are an average of $12.02 in July and 13.80 in the closing year. In 2025, this token is expected to be $40.32, respectively. Hence, with some precautionary measures you can be successful in crypto and can earn a lot.

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