Gunjan Saxena Movie Budget and Box Office Collection

The Netflix release of Gunjan Saxena biopic, starring Janhvi Kapoor as the lead, has made quite a buzz at the box office. The movie, produced by Dharma productions, also stars Angad Bedi and Pankaj Mishra. Its budget was not disclosed, but the movie earned a lucrative return through the online medium. Hence, its box office collection might have been around 30 to 35 crores.

While many of the films released this year are aimed at young boys and girls, Gunjan Saxena is the perfect example of an older generation looking out for the next generation. Her father nurtured her, and she wanted to be an aeronaut since she was a young girl. While achieving her goal, she was not trying to make a statement or inspire others – in fact, many viewed her as rebellious.

The Kargil Girl is a biographical and patriotic film that stars Janhvi Kapoor as Gunjan Saxena, the first female fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force. It was originally scheduled for release on 13 March 2020, but was later pulled from the schedule. Netflix acquired the distribution rights to the film, and the movie is now scheduled for release on Netflix on 12 August 2020. While the film may have a small box office debut, the movie will definitely be a hit with its audience.

If the movie had been released as a normal release, it would have made a higher profit than it did. This would have been the case if it had been content-oriented. In this case, it would have relied on word of mouth to make a profit. But, in the current economy, Gunjan Saxena’s film would have made more money had it been released on a normal release.

While her father believes in gender equality, Gunjan has other ideas. She wants to drop out of high school to pursue a career as a pilot. Her father, who is an ardent believer in equality for men and women, disagrees with her. After multiple attempts to become a pilot, Gunjan returns home dejected. The movie is a romantic drama that will keep you entertained for several hours.

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